Thursday, November 25, 2010

How much does it cost to resurface the brake router and change brake pads?

of the rear brakes

also, in order to resurface the brake routers, is changing the brake pads necessary?

car is VWHow much does it cost to resurface the brake router and change brake pads?First, check and see if this VW has four-wheel disc brakes. If it's like most vehicles, the rear brakes are drum, and there are no rotors (not 'router'), or brake pads, instead there are brake shoes.

I just had new rotors put on the front of my 1996 Ford Explorer. I have my work done at Midas, been going there for years and the shop manager takes good care of us and our vehicles. A new rotor is $90 and the cost of installing it plus the new pads (new pads are always free after the first Midas brake job) and adjusting the calipers was $55. Resurfacing a rotor might cost half as much as replacing it, but sometimes they are too corroded to have much material left after resurfacing and it's wasted money.

As it was explained to me, pad wear mirrors rotor wear. If you resurface or replace a rotor, new pads are generally a good idea.

Drum work is a little different, and cheaper, than disc. Check and see if you have rear drum brakes, and if you do, I bet you can get new shoes put on for less than $100.

If you've got disc all the way around and it's a VW (import parts are usually more than US), I wouldn't be surprised to see a complete job with new rotors and pads plus installation set you back $800.How much does it cost to resurface the brake router and change brake pads?changing the pads is extemly important. you will ruin the rotors if you dont replace them plus they are very cheap. also in my past experiences it is just as cheap to replace the rotors then turn them plus you dont have to worry about warpage and a warranty comes with the new one the turned ones get no auto zone the prices range up and down but for a 1996 vw jetta with a 6 cyl the rotors that are the cheapes with a 2 year warranty are 18.99 and the pads are the cheapest ones with a limmited lifetime warranty and they are 24.99 so it is very cheap these are general prices for front pads and rotors. if you supplied info on your car like make modle and year i coulda gave more accurate prices.i did all four brakes on my jeep myself for around 150.00 and this is with all new parts and it is very easy if you need help grab a haynes repair manual at auto zone, there like 12.00 and explain it in great detail.How much does it cost to resurface the brake router and change brake pads?Yes you need new pads. If you don't replace these, then you just threw a bunch of money away.

Ball park, a good price would be about 80 US dollars an axle to get the brakes done. Provided the mechanic does not find something else wrong. This would be a %26quot;Promotional Price%26quot;, you know, a Midas special.

A reputable shop will be more, because they don't have to give promotional prices to get customers to bring cars in for service. Some shops are so good they don't try to sell you a part like a caliper that you do not need. Hope you can find one of these. The job estimate is always right or less.

While %26quot;Promotional Priced%26quot; repairs very seldom get out the door for less and most likely they will cost a lot more before it is over.How much does it cost to resurface the brake router and change brake pads?do no resurface you brake router. leave your brake router alone. and since it is a vw im going to recommend trading it in for something that isnt a complete pile of sh*t