Monday, September 19, 2011

How much should front brake pad change cost?

The mechanism qouted $530 for changing front brake pads, changing transmission fluid and replacing air filter on my Toyota Sienna 2007 model. Is this too much?How much should front brake pad change cost?yeah thats way to muchHow much should front brake pad change cost?Simply compare to a price quote from your Toyota dealer who uses Toyota parts and knows your car the best. Front pads only is $120, transmission flush is $200, and air filter replacement is $35 for a total of $355. If the independent shop is turning the front rotors down on a lathe, add $40How much should front brake pad change cost?WELL, IF YOU HOLD STILL WHEN THEY PUT YOU IN THE MISSIONARY POSITION, BECAUSE BUBBA , THEY GOT YOU LINED UP FOR A GOOD REAM JOB.AIR FILTER , DO YOUR SELF, HOW MANY MILES DETERMINES TRANS FLUSH. WHEN THEY SAY FLUSH, DO THEY REMOVE THE CONVERTER, OR JUST THE OIL IN THE PAN. THEY PLAY THESE TRICKS. THEY USUALLY TRY TO SELL YOU THE STORE WHEN THE WHEELS ARE OFF AND ON THE RACK. IF THIS IS BRAKES ARE US , WATCH OUT. CALL A AUTO STORE AND ASK WHAT PADS COST FOR YOUR CAR AND GO FROM THERE.