Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Change '00 Lincoln LS brake pads?

Is changing the brake pads in a '00 Lincoln LS the same as changing any break pads, or are special tools and directions needed?? I can't find anything in the manual about changing the breaks and don't want to spend the money to pay someone else to do it if it is something that I can do myself.How to Change '00 Lincoln LS brake pads?I've not personally done a pad change on a 2000 LS but I would not expect it to be any different from any other Ford. I will assume from your question you've done pad changes before on other cars so I won't do a step by step procedure for you, but a good set of 1/2%26quot; metric sockets, 1/2%26quot; ratchet, and a 1/2%26quot; breaker bar (unless you're super strong) is most all you'll need. It does help to have a pad expander tool to push the pistons back into their bores, allowing room for the new thicker pads. Don't let the caliper hang by its hose, suspend it with a coat hanger or zip tie while you work with it. And while you have it all apart turn the rotors. Hope this helps you a bit.How to Change '00 Lincoln LS brake pads?THE REAR CALIBERS SCREW IN INSTEAD OF BEING ABLE TO PUSH THEM IN LIKE THE FRONT. I RECOMEND GETTING A CHILTONS OR HAYNES REPAIR MANUEL BEFORE ATTEMPTING REPLACING THE PADS.

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How to Change '00 Lincoln LS brake pads?Are we working on front brakes, or rear brakes? First step is to jack up and support the side of the vehicle we are working on. Next step is to remove the wheel nuts with an impact gun and a 19mm impact socket. You better go to your local Ford dealer parts department to buy a few extra wheel nuts because they strip VERY easily, due to the taper design of the wheel nuts. If it's the front brakes, using a 12 or 13mm wrench, loosen and remove the caliper bolts. Remove the brake caliper (these particular brake calipers are very light). Using the appropriately sized extension and a swivel 15mm impact socket and impact gun, remove the two caliper bracket bolts, taking care not to mistakenly remove the hub and bearing bolts, since they are so close to each other. Using one of the old brake pads rested on both caliper pistons and a pair of channel locks, compress the two pistons back fully. The brake rotors just %26quot;knock%26quot; off at this point. Install new brake rotor onto hub, and secure with two wheel nuts snugged up to temporarily hold rotor onto hub until pads and caliper are reinstalled. Lubricate brake pad contact surfaces with anti-seize, and reinstall brake pads onto bracket. Reinstall brake caliper. Reinstall wheel and repeat procedure for other side. BE SURE TO PUMP UP THE BRAKE PEDAL BEFORE YOU MOVE THE VEHICLE. Hope this helps.How to Change '00 Lincoln LS brake pads?Don,t want to be a smart *** but if you are not shure how to do this bring it to a professional.Brakes are a very important and has to be done right.For the small amount of money it will cost you labor wise i, worth geting it done right